Video Services

Corporate and Business Video Production in NYC and NJ

Real Arch Videography offers business videography services that can enhance and highlight any corporate event in NYC, NY and NJ. Corporate event videos can capture the highlights from the corporate event and the video editing offers a great reproduction of the event. Corporate events can offer a way for businesses to gather key players together in a non-businesses atmosphere. It can further enhance a business relationship to share footage with these key players. This can strengthen the relationship and create a lasting business bond. Many companies looking for video services New York have found that Real Arch Videography offers the perfect balance of quality and creativity.

Training and Instructional Video Production in NYC and NJ

Training videos offer an unparalleled method of providing training to people in any location around the world. Producing training models and tutorials for nearly any subject can be done fairly easily. It is important to uphold a quality image while producing these videos. Choosing an experienced professional to handle the video production services and video editing is important when producing high quality training videos for a company. High quality video production can make a difference in how the company is viewed. Real Arch Videography offers video services to make training videos. These videos are produce in HD quality, and can be used to broadcast online or via a compact disk or flash drive.

Seminar, Lecture and Conference Video Production in NYC and NJ

Many companies and industries host seminars and conferences to provide information to people and other organizations. These conferences provide a great opportunity for industry professionals to connect, network and learn. It is important to provide conference videos that highlight the conference for those who could not attend as well as to refresh the minds of those that did attend. This is also a great way for a company to contour instilling the same messages from the conference in their company’s culture. Hiring a videographer to provide footage of the conference can seem a bit overwhelming. It is important to hire an experienced professional that offers quality services.

Legal Video Production in NYC and NJ

Real Arch Videography offers HD video recordings for hearings litigations and meetings. Legal video services are essential to many cases, and these services can often make or break a case. It is important to hire a quality production service that offers HD quality videos. We offer videographer services in New York and New Jersey area.

It is important that the video service providing legal video services for hearings offer professional broadcast quality videos by using high tech equipment that can meet these needs. The legal industry is unique in that there is a requirement for specialized equipment to perform adequate video production of legal meetings and hearings. When looking for Video Production Company NYC , it is important to be sure they offer the high quality equipment as well as HD video services before making a choice. Recording hearings can be important in many different ways to a case. This can be used to review during the future days of the trial. It can also be used if a witness is not available on all of the hearing dates.

Event Video Production in NYC and NJ

There are many special moments in a family’s life that can be frozen in time and enjoyed for many years after. These events require a quality videographer to capture the right highlights from these events for future enjoyment. These videos can become family heirlooms that can be viewed for many generations. Real Arch Videography offers video services in the New York and New Jersey area for special events and parties. Some of these events include the following:

• Birthdays
• Special Sweet Sixteen Parties
• Bar mitzvah
• Bat mitzvah
• Graduations
• Anniversary Parties
• Family Reunion Gatherings

Charity Video Production in NYC and NJ

When producing a charity event, it is important to highlight the event with charity event video footage. This can offer a wealth of marketing opportunities for future use. This is also a great opportunity to highlight testimonials and show highly influential people involved in the charity event. This is typically the largest fundraising model that is used in charities, and it is important to leverage these events with videos so they can be used as a valuable asset for the charity to increase exposure. Real Arch Videography offers charity event video production in HD quality, and provides professional video editing to ensure the best product is the result.

Real Estate Video Production in NYC and NJ

Many real estate agents that sell real estate or lease real estate have begun to find that real estate videos have offered a huge success rate. Using this new marketing technique to increase visibility can offer a great benefit to the client as well as the agent. Many agents have found that marketing via internet channels such as You Tube, they are able to leverage a higher viewing audience and increase traffic. This is beneficial for agents in terms of the amount of people they can reach who are interested in purchasing, selling or leasing real estate.

Real Arch Videography offers professional high quality real estate videos in HD format that can be used for presentations to clients or for broadcast marketing purposes. With the marketing technology changing at a rapid rate, it is important that agents keep up with this technology in order to remain successful in the coming years. We offer video services in New York and video production in New Jersey that include video editing. This provides a high quality finished product for real estate agents looking to include video in their marketing bag of tricks.